Saturday, 26 September 2009

Open Letter

To the Best Team:

We spent a lot of time together: Auditing, Eating, Calibrating calls, Doing the floor walk and best of all discussing hearsay updates. Every moment we spent together was fun and before we part ways, before the countdown of the tough ** officially kicks in and some of the piglets will be transferred to a new pig pen, I just want to say thank you for accepting me and allowing me enough room to grow professionally. Thank you for the silly and serious moments, understanding my unexplained period of silence. Hehe. I am glad to have known the QUALITY team even for just a short time. I had a QUALITY time. However, I've finally accepted this is the way things would have to be. Maybe they were right, some good things never last. But I am confident that this is an opportunity for everyone to seek or chase that star (salamat bunso sa blog entry mo) that will make us truly happy.This is the best time to hit the ground running and re-evaluate our priorities.

Wherever PROFESSIONAL LIFE may lead us from here ...... GOOD LUCK! Let's just always be the BEST and as highlighted in HeWhoMustnotBeNamed text message,"Never retreat and just move forward. Your work now is your biggest incentive so let's put purpose in what we do."

Chill lang tayo! Be Happy! Sabi nga sa commercial: TINK POSITIB, WAG KANG AAYAW. At tama si Santino. Dapat magtiwala tayo kay BRO kasi nga: MAY BUKAS PA!