Thursday, 13 August 2009


It was a crazy week. You started with a high spirit but ended with a very low self esteem but you were not discouraged because someone reminded you that life is never just high, low can be very well just around the corner. You will never forget this line: Sometimes, it gets dark but morning comes always. Keep your faith because in the end, faith will not disappoint.

Today, you are more passionate about winning. You desire to be the best and you always believe that you can.

Tomorrow, with your gallant spirit and brilliant mind, you will confront your fears!


Yodz said...

Reminds me of that "cloud-silverlining" thing, and the song "Sick Cycle Carousel"
I guess everybody is experiencing this, and yes, passion and courage keeps us moving.
Have a nice day!

Knox Galen said...

Always remember. The silver lining is just around the corner.

Kaya mo yan Dracula.

Jinjiruks said...

parang sa broken sonnet ng hale.

coz i tonight ill leave my fears behind

Jason said...


gesmunds said...

nice post! nabuhayan ang nananamlay at takot kong kaluluwa... salamat..


Yakang-yaka natin yan. :)